We have built a reputation in the niche sphere of specialized solutions – quality and reliability being the mainstay in this market.

When the Indian Army needed tracks to test their T-72 ton tanks, we built the high endurance stone tracks that would test these combat vehicles before they were deployed.

Chennai’s busy International Airport needed relaying of the runway. The order was completed ahead of schedule with no disruptions to flight take offs and landings, no deviations in quality and a record was set for the high surface tolerance achieved.

The holy town of Puttaparthi found its place on the airways map with NAPC Ltd. constructing its 1000 meter long airstrip. We spared no effort with men or machinery to construct a fail safe airport that today brings millions of devotees on their pilgrimage here.

On its first foray into international road construction, NAPC Ltd. successfully built the 11 kilometer six lane Al Aweer highway, one of the busiest highways in Dubai; stringent tests were done on the surface using laser equipment before they were certified, giving NAPC Ltd. yet another reason to be proud of its commitment to quality and service.

Some of the busiest and important highways in India today bear the unmistakable stamp of NAPC Ltd., while numerous taxi tracks, aprons and runways in airports have been built and strengthened by us. Our competence to execute high density and high load surfaces with zero error and zero deviations on safety and quality is incontrovertible.

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